Traphik x Tori Kelly Release the MV for “Magnetic” (Dir by Todd Angkasuwan)

Traphik‘s latest single is the Tori Kelly assisted “Magnetic”, off his Cruise Control mixtape from earlier this year. The official video has some pretty solid production values, and thanks to of a certain Mr. Todd Angkasuwan. If you’re looking for a chill but upbeat Hip-Hop track, then you should check this one out. It may be August, but it’s never too late for a good summer jam!

It feels like- spring time sunshine on my window
my heart skippin and beatin a different tempo
She’s so dope, i don’t need no endo
we so drawn together, with no pencils
what is this feelin im feelin i dont get it
i’m kinda nervous but baby im so ready
they try to bring us down, but no we wont let it
and if haters talkin shit, then say fuck em and forget it
its you and me, just groovin to the beat
so fluently, even my crew can see
that i never ever felt this, so new to me
so im clinging to ya waste like that Louie V
Its like a scene thats so cliche
so meant to be, its the only way
so say goodbye to them lonely days
now we on cloud 9, lets float away

you and me baby, 2 peas in a pod
too good to be true like she’s a mirage
when she walks by, people freeze and applaud
atheists see her bod and believe in God
yeaa– one kiss is like crack to me
like a trip to the sugar shack factory
she keep me cooler than strawberry daiquiris
so sweet that ya scent be attractin bees
snow white, cinderella, you my jasmine
every other girl i ever knew is a has been
it makes me wanna sing- and tap-dance
cuz i’m feeling like spring- in past tense
and you prob’ly wont get that right away
its okay i just wanna dance the night away
so lets go- take my hand and fly
cuz this here’s a connection we cant deny

M is for the magic that brought us here
A is for attraction that pulled us near
G is for the Greatness we destined for
N is for nasty behind closed doors
E is for experience, the things we do
T is for the time I’ll make commit to you
I is for intense just like my feelings
and C’s for where you take me baby, through the ceiling YEA

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