Jason Chu Presents a Spoken Word Response to Current Events – “I’m Sorry”

Jason Chu, formerly known as Grand Master Chu, has presented the following spoken word piece. It’s an interesting piece and serves as some food for thought on recent tragedies, current events, and conflict of the religious, racial, and political nature. Regardless of where you stand on the issues, it’s important to reflect on the struggles of those around us.

I’m Sorry.

You might ask – why is a young East Asian
Apologizing for the sins of a middle-aged Caucasian?
I wasn’t in Wisconsin as the guns blazed
I didn’t pull the trigger – I don’t use my speech to hate

I HAVE sat back while they talk about the “facts”
Interchangeably used “Muslim”, “Hindu”, “Sikh” and “terrorist acts”
And my skin may be yellow, but that’s pale enough
For me to look past when they said “brown skin” equals “he might erupt”

Deep down, we might care, but we’re just glad it wasn’t us
I can fly under the radar – so I kept my mouth shut
But silence is approval – and I didn’t raise my voice
So, in a way, I contributed to the violence by my choice

And I wear this cross on my chest because I believe in love
But apparently Christians care more about Chick-Fil-A than we do a massacre

We raised hell to defend a CEO’s comments
Organized rallies, spent money, got indignant over the drama
But I wonder if I’ll see videos and famous pastors responding
To the loss of six innocent lives in Wisconsin.

So as a Chinese-American, I’m Sorry.

I am not a racist, but I also haven’t fought it
When they tell jokes about turbans and suicide bombers
But I get frustrated when they make Ching Chong jokes
And no one else stands up for ME and MY folks

And as a Christian, I’m Sorry.

Sorry we fought over issues and forgot to make peace
Sorry we said it’s not OUR problem when YOU were crying in the streets
Sorry that we say every person is a child of God
But we mean: every person who acts, thinks, and worships like us.

I’ve had chances to speak up and I’ve kept my mouth shut
And then I wonder why YOU don’t speak up when they’re slandering US.
So the next time I hear them talk about you
I promise I’ll speak up – it’s the least that I can do

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