See the MV for “Never Coming Down” by AM Kidd

You can start off your early Thursday morning with this new video release from AM Kidd. “Never Coming Down” is another relationship-related track from the artist, but it manages to not feel too repetitive in comparison with his past catalog. The video is an enjoyable but safe and predictable watch. You can follow along with the lyrics after the break.

I could spend forever with you
beneath this bed of stars
I know you’re the one for me
I’ve known it from the very start
I just want to level with you
’cause I know you’ve been tossed around
lifted up and brought down
like the comets are
I just wrote a letter to you
I’m stating all the facts
my feelings getting stronger, I can’t seem to fight back
These skies, I want to share it with you
tell me this is crazy
ever since I met you, I knew you’d be there to save me
from these black holes I’m sinking in deep
you seem to pull me out of it, defying gravity
and you alone is what I need to make this life complete
and everything I dreamed about at night
is what you keep
so I’m taking off
flying through these galaxies you take me
Never going back, just the thought of that is crazy
1,2,3 and I feel so free when we flying high
free floating through the skies

No, I’m never coming down
you take me higher than I’ve ever been
Never coming down
you take me higher than I’d ever go

I could spend eternity
trying to find the one
I held my breath for this
now you’re the air that fills my lungs
Now I see reality
and you’re the center piece
I’m digging in your mind, unlocking all your mysteries
Time. Space. It’s like it doesn’t matter
when we got a love bigger than Jupiter and Saturn combined
makes this more than I imagined
I’m ready to take off, I don’t need no kind of baggage where I’m going
’cause I’m starting new. All over with you
It’s like the universe aligned and told me what I got to do
Every second that I’m with you, it’s just backing up the truth
that you’re someone that I need and I don’t ever want to lose
’cause there’s diamonds in your eyes
the rarest one could find
they ask me what is “Love”
you’re the one that comes to mind
I’m following the signs and it took me to the moon
Home is anywhere with you

No, I’m never coming down
you take me higher than I’ve ever been
Never coming down
you take me higher than I’d ever go

Every time I lay beside you
I lose track of the time
Nothing else matters whenever you arrive
I’m just being honest with you
so am I out of line?
’cause everything you are is what I’ve been trying to find
I just want to soar with you
and be your co-pilot
my heart is saying “Yes” and my mind co-signs it
this is the first time it felt so right
it’s not every day you feel that you could fly

No, I’m never coming down..

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