Kristine Sa Re-Releases 2007’s ‘Hopeless Romantic’

Back in 2007 (that’s half a decade ago!), Vietnamese-American singer, Kristine Sa, released an album called Hopeless Romantic. But now she’s decided to give it a little spit-shine and throw in a few songs and put together a 2012 repackage, now available from the expected digital distributors. The 15 song project includes “Home” and “My Last Goodbye“. […]

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Mickey Cho Drops “Kick, Push”

Here’s a new drop from Mickey Cho called “Kick, Push” (not to be confused with the debut Lupe song). It’s just one extended verse with Mickey sharing his thoughts on a Urban Romantic City instrumental. It’s simple and straight-forward but I’m loving this one. Lot’s of lines caught my ear from beginning to end and […]

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