Connie Lim Starts Fundraising Campaign for New Album – ‘A Better Part of Me’

By now, I’m sure you all know how this works. An artist starts a crowd-sourced fundraising campaign (this time via Kickstarter), and it’s up to their supporters to help bring a project to fruition by providing some of the monetary resources. In compensation, there are different tiers of packages to act as incentives for your hard earned dollar. Connie Lim has embarked on the preparations for a new full length album, A Better Part of Me and is asking for your help. In case you were wondering where the money is going to, she’s been completely transparent and has laid out the business plan below. Interested? Head on over to her Kicstarter to see how you can join.

1. The full length album, A Better Part of Me

  • Full production of 5 new songs
  • Mastering 7 tracks
  • Mixing 6 tracks
  • Manufacturing 1000 Physical CD’s on Discmakers
  • Photoshoot with (Photographer fee, styling, wardrobe rentals, hair, and makeup)
  • Tshirt Design, Materials, and Printing
  • Poster design and manufacturing
  • Traveling and packaging costs for kickstarter prizes
  • 4% Goes to Amazon Billing Fees
  • 5% goes to Kickstarter Fees

2. Music Video for “Pour Me More”

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