Listen to the Youtube Stream of JiNi’s “Doppleganger”

We are only a couple days away from the official release of JiNi’s 2nd comeback single, “Doppleganger”. But she’s released it on Youtube to stream as well as additional details as to how the sing fits into her overall music plan. The song fits in as the 2nd in a 3 song series that will act as a prelude to her full album, tentatively set for Summer of 2013. The third song will be released next month; for additional details check out the press release after the break. We’ll be sure to update you when this single goes live for purchase.

Continuing with the 3-part-single trilogy (Before JiNi’s full solo album is set for release in Summer of 2013) comes “Doppleganger”. A dark song disguised and masked with an up-tempo beat. “This song is about our inner demons skewing the way of our thinking in our ‘normal’ lives. It’s another battle between ones inner voice versus who we really are as people. The question is, when is the ‘real you’ versus the ‘inner demon you’ talking and who wins? That is up to the listener to decipher”. JiNi, has said in the past that every song she’s ever written has double meanings. “Of course, I can’t give away what the double meanings are, it would take away the fun!”

“The first three singles have dark lyrics, but it (the album) will not be all ‘doom and gloom’. I wanted a trilogy of singles so my audience and supporters could anticipate the direction my solo album will be heading,” says JiNi.

JiNi once again teamed up with up and coming Dub-Step producer, Derocc for this single. “For the direction of my album, it’s been pretty obvious from the start we make a great team, and I will continue to collaborate with him for the duration of my album.”

JiNi, who always pens her own songs, and in the past produced all of her own beats has been collaborating with Derocc (Producer) since the release of “(I Am Free) In The Night”. “Doppleganger” will be available for purchase on October 16th, 2012.

Look for the third and final installment of JiNi’s 3-part-single trilogy next month.

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