Elise Estrada’s Dedication to Amanda Todd – “Wonder Woman” Now Available

Last week, we shared Elise Estrada‘s single, “Wonder Woman”, which was dedicated in memory of Amanda Todd, who committed suicide on October 10th – largely in-part due to the suffering she experienced from bullying. Although Elise shared the song via a lyric video, she and her team have also just released the song for purchase, with proceeds going towards the Amanda Todd Foundation, an anti-bullying and suicide prevention organization. RIP Amanda.

Purchase: Google PlayiTunes

Proceeds are going to The Amanda Todd Foundation, which is committed to anti-bullying campaigns and suicide prevention.

Sometimes it takes a number of tragedies to raise awareness and a true desire for change. We know Amanda wasn’t the only victim of bullying. BUT it was the final straw for me. This happened too close to home and both Adam H. Hurstfield and I really felt the need to do something. We never want to see this happen again.

Please help us put an end to the bullying and forever inspire change in people.

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