Kina Grannis Shares a Performance of “Gone”

The Stairwells album by Kina Grannis really seems to have legs, as the promotions have been going on for two years now (it was initially released in February 2010). We aren’t complaining too much though, as it’s a great LP. In this video, Kina sings one of the cuts from the project, “Gone”. I have to admit though, I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing new material from the singer/songwriter.

Stop in the dark where the stars are still shining on me
Go with the wind, let it lift away the memories
I tried to set you free
You kept trying to rescue me
But you can’t tell a heart when to start, how to beat

I never wanted to say goodbye
You never wanted to see me cry
Now i’m afraid to open my eyes
Are you gone, gone, gone?
Tell me i’m wrong, wrong, wrong
It’s been so long, long, long
Are you gone, gone, gone?

Back at the start we were the only thing that mattered
And we smiled, unafraid, as we filled the night with laughter
And I tried my best to see
What you tried your best to be
But you can’t tell a heart when to start, how to beat


Though it seems that we were not meant to be
I have to disagree, you are the one for me
And i know someday we could find our way
I hope it’s not too late
Please stay


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