AMP Shares a Freebie – “Refiner’s Flame”

The Christian, Mid-Atlantic based group known as AMP has posted up a song for free download called “Refiner’s Flame”. All of the members, Sam Ock, J. Han, and CL lend their talents to the track, in that order. The soundcloud downloads for this faith-centered track seemed to have already run out, but the fellas are on top of it and have posted it up on Mediafire for you to DL.

This comfort captures me
Blinds my eyes to greater glory
No wonder why my heart’s grown cold
Your cross, it beckons me
Telling me of true history
of glory I have never known
help me to see…

**Bring me through the fire
Lord I want what You desire
Help me overcome my unbelief
Oh Christ, You bled for me!

Brother, it’s time to strap-up our boots; gather the troops.
The enemy’s in hot pursuit, and isn’t planning to lose.
(It’s) tryna terminate, discontinue your preaching of the good news.
If we’re killed in the field, we die with valor; SALUTE. (yup!)

Keep on fighting with the iron – sharper than any katana.
Man, your fire’s burning violet even amidst the violence.
You got an advocate in heaven, forget the scoffers.
Stand steady for the gospel; call me Bonhoeffer.

1 Peter 1, homie, that’s your bullet
no weapon formed against you shall prosper; battle’s won
by the son who was given a mission – a life of submission,
humiliation, perfection, then died upon a cross.

That ain’t all; The savior has risen, forgiven me of sin,
but He also relates to me when I am suffering.
Jesus, my counselor and awesome defense.
He calms the storm and gives us power in our weakness.


My vision lacks the view to see beyond in front of me
Nearsighted generation unable to see eternally (2 Peter 1:5-9)
Entangled in worldly affairs, shapes me internally
Reaps an anxious heart where trusting God becomes absurdity

When did I fall so far from clinging to the grace that saved me
Safely placed me in a place that cased me from the sins erased
Hasty is the pace of my heart to be embraced by the cards
Playing the hand of distraction that pulls me further from God

How can I depend on this wretched heart that lies within me
With a selfish voice that constantly lies within me
How can I walk this path of righteousness I’m called to walk in
Persevering, staying faithful enduring till the end?

It’s impossible for man, but anything’s possible with God
By His grace alone I’m able to stand firmly on the Rock
The King equips His soldiers to stand on the front lines of war
My strength comes from the Reigning One who can’t be overthrown

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