Just ‘Cause: AJ Rafael Stars in ISAtv Skit – #TakeAction and Vote

This one is pretty self explanatory. So I’ll let you watch the video skit featuring AJ Rafael and then the description below. Many of you can already vote early in your states. Everyone else, remember November 6th is less than a week away!

Now that AJ Rafael has turned 18 think of all the cool things he can do! Thanks to the Asian American Educational Institute, ISAtv has produced a special video reminding everyone about the National Election. Be sure to check out our behind the scenes and voter resource guide to get up to date on the who, what, and where of voting.

AJ Rafael | http://twitter.com/AJRafael
Ally Maki | http://twitter.com/HeartsMaki
Jason Hwang (Voice)
Jubilee Project | http://youtube.com/JubileeProject

Philip Wang | http://twitter.com/PhilipWang

Steven Kan

Jason Hwang | Transparent Agency

Asian American Educational Institute
Official: http://APAVoterProject.org

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