Passport: Sam Ock & Matt Brevner Featured on Hidetake Takayama’s ‘Asterism’ Album

Some of you may be familiar with Hidetake Takayama, a musician and pianist from Japan. Well, we are telling about him because he has dropped a new album called Asterism. How is this a-Tunes related you might ask? Perusing the tracklist you will find a couple notable guest features on the project, namely Sam Ock and Matt Brevner on “Welcome to You & Me” and “Believe” (which was included on a previous Re:Plus project), respectively. Check them out below and pick up the singles from the following distribution channels.

“Welcome to You & Me” feat Sam Ock: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify

“Believe” feat Amanda Silvera & Matt Brevner: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify

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