Janice (of Jayesslee) Announces Her Engagement!

Last year, Sonia of the twin duo known as Jayesslee got hitched. It looks like the one she shared a womb with wasn’t too far behind in the matrimonial race, as Janice has announced her engagement too! We wish nothing but the warmest congratulations and well wishes to them both! See more photos form the engagement shoot over at Jenny Sun’s site!

Janice has finally made the exciting announcement about her engagement. Janice’s fiance Sung, is really one of kind who knows how to love my sister unconditionally. He loves not only the good things about her but also embraces her imperfections. Time and time again, I am inspired by their ability to love one another more and more everyday

I would like to congratulate them both on their engagement and wish them the happiest times for the rest of their lives!

From Sonia x

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