Sunye (of the Wonder Girls) is Engaged; Plans to Wed in January

It seems that Jayesslee’s Janice isn’t the only artist we cover that is getting ready to tie the know. Word has quickly spread regarding the lead vocal of the Korean Pop import group, the Wonder Girls, and her engagement and upcoming nuptials. Word is that she’s dating a Korean-Canadian missionary, which would make sense given how vocal she is about her Faith. Congrats to Sunye and her fiance! And in case you are curious, the wedding is said to be January 26 of next year.

“I’m not the type to get nervous on stage.. But right at this moment.. Honestly I’m a little nervous.. While there are times that I might post things for no special reason, today there is a rather special reason.

Although I can’t always see you, as people who are close to me and I am truly thankful for, I would rather tell you myself than have you all hear this from other people. January 26, 2013 will be a very special day to me. I will be getting married, making two people one and beginning to walk the path of life together.

Don’t be too sad! Like the way we’ve laughed and cried together throughout the years, I hope you can share my feelings from where you are on January 26th. And the Wonder Girls members who were there for me and believed in me throughout the decision-making process.. And the JYP employees and family.. Thank you all so much!

Source: Soompi/OTD

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