Check Out “Waiting For Your Love” by AM Kidd

Here’s the first drop from AM Kidd in 2013. “Waiting for your Love” follows the same mold of many of his other compositions, blending love raps with the accompaniment of just a keyboard. Some of his tunes are more memorable than others though I enjoyed this one more than some of his past work – thanks largely in part to the crescendo of the chorus.

I remember when I told you
I saw us being together for a life time
I didn’t lie.
and when I used to hold you
just the warmness of your body felt like heaven, it was suicide
in this time I’ve got to know you
you made clear of all the reasons why you’re here, it was magnified
my hearts the one that chose you
’cause in my mind, I wasn’t ready, I was scared, I was petrified

Then I looked into your eyes
I saw my future staring back at me, I couldn’t hide
Your hands around my heart, I didn’t fight it, it felt right
We are the perfect story everybody wants to write
but Hope is just a word without desire of intention
tsunami of emotions overwhelm in a second
make it stop
but now I only see you when I close my eyes
and I pray it’s real every time
so tell me..

is it gone?
is it gone?
is it gone?
I’ve been searching for your love
Yearning for your love

is it gone?
is it gone?
is it gone?
I’ve been waiting for your love
Waiting for your love

I remember what I wrote you
’cause you lived inside the pages of my diary
every line
and everything I’ve showed you
it was genuine confessions of my feelings for you visualized
all the things that we would go through
made us stronger individually but never meant to mean goodbye
you’d be the one I’d go to
when I was down but now you’re gone and I’m alone
how I’ve realized

that I let you slip away
my days and nights are filled with thoughts of you
I can’t escape
and my dreams turned into slideshows of memories we’ve made
replaying our history, happiness, and pain
Missing you is part of it but letting go is everything
It’s hard to come to terms with it when I would give anything to get you back

but now I only kiss you when I close my eyes
and I pray it’s real every time..

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