Verseatile Debuts “Good Man” for a Contest with Power 106

As part of a contest for LA’s Power 106 Hip-Hop station, Verseatile has debuted his latest track, “Good Man”, off his upcoming Good Mourning album. The contest is an opportunity for Verse to win some fundage, get his music some airtime on the radio, and perform with Kendrick Lamar. The key is that he is depending on votes to get him to the top. Take a listen to see if you think his new material is worth your vote, over at the Power 106 site.


1. Click on the link, then click on VOTE under my picture.

2. It will ask you to LOG IN or REGISTER. If you have not registered, please register. It is absolutely FREE and no hassles. It is a very fast process.

3. Once registered and logged in, you can go to my profile again and click VOTE under my picture.

4. You can play my new song, “GOOD MAN”, on the profile as well. The song will be from my upcoming album, “GOOD MOURNING”!

5. You can vote AS MUCH AS YOU WANT for the next 11 days.

6. Thank you, I love you. God bless and wish me luck!

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