Listen to the Official Leak of “Good Man” by Verseatile

I guess calling a leak “official” is a bit of an oxymoron, but regardless Verseatile is starting up the engines on the promotional machine for his single “Good Man”, from his upcoming Good Mourning LP. We first heard the track a few weeks ago when Verse was lobbying to get himself heard on Power 106’s radio station. But now you can stream the song via Youtube and expect to see an official music video in the near future as well.

This song displays honest frustrations that one may have in their current circumstances, but ultimately realizing that they don’t have it so bad. Rather, they actually have it pretty good. I speak about my frustrations as an artist, where I feel like I’ve been paying dues, but feel like I’m not moving forward. Seeing younger up and coming artists moving ahead gets to me, but in the end, just as the hook says, I need to see how I got it good, man. Enjoy! #GoodMourning

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