Alfa Goes “Blue” With New MV

Here to promote her recent album, World Go Blue, Alfa Garcia has released the music video for the single “Blue”. If you check out the clip, it starts out innocently enough but quickly takes an unexpected turn. I’ve never thought the ukelele could be the soundtrack to something so cutely sinister. Yea, if you’re confused, you’re not alone. Gotta say though, it was certainly an unanticipated twist.

Direction & concept by Paul Wight.
Actors: KT Tatara, Mike Bauer, Rob Bieselin, Maynard Okereke, Austin Jose, Alfa Garcia.
Assistants: Conrad Lihilihi, Austin Jose, Rob Bieselin, Patrick Allocca.
Hair & makeup: Zan Crawford
Special thanks: Vince & Ana Geluso

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