Matt Brevner Performs “Ones Takes Vol 7”

Just as the title suggests “One Takes 7” is the 7th entry in Matt Brevner‘s One Takes series, where he performs a track in one take but keeps the production values high enough to nearly warrant itself as a standalone joint. It’s under a couple minutes long, so if you’re a Hip-Hop head with 100 seconds to spare, this ain’t a bad way to do so.

A live performance with Matt Brevner. Microphone audio is captured with a canon 7d, then layered with what the artist is hearing through the car window.
One Take is Key.

I see, I said, jealousy I said,
Got the whole Vancouver scene mad at me, I said
Best believe I said I’d put on for my city
And always show you love even if you ain’t down with me
I’d agree, I said I’m doin’ somethin’ different
You stuck in the same gear like a broken transmission
Stuck in the same year, yeah you 1996’in
That’s why it became clear why the people wanna listen to

Brevner – I spit the truth muh fucka
Fuck Swag, toe taggin’ all you goof muh fuckas
Return of the dragon, I am Bruce muh fuckas
With a quarter pound of Bubba and some hooch muh fuckas!
You can catch me leainin’ in that Honda CRZ and speedin’
Down 3 road and Steveston with the tweeter speakers peakin’
Hatch back pumpin’ vibrations make the floor shake,
Don’t even gotta touch her, subwoofer does the foreplay
Greasy – You see I do it that easy
I tell em I’m from BC and these dudes they don’t believe me like
“You don’t got a backpack”, “You don’t spit on Boom-bap”, and “You ain’t a white boy?”, so I tell em “True that!”
I’m a hybrid, like the damn car
Blackanese and Sirius, I’m a damn star
See, you can’t interfere with this, Imma go far
‘Cuz this industry is dull, so I gotta bsharp

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