Derez Debuts “Live From the Zone”

Arizona’s Derez has revealed a new joint called “Live From the Zone”. The Hip-Hop track features the production of $ignz $igma, and the artist formerly known as City Boy has announced that music video will be released soon too. Overall, I thought it was a solid listen, though I wouldn’t have complained if he added some song structure to take advantage of the beat instead of 4 minutes of straight bars.

My bitch say she got a few surprises, Pussy wetter than a scuba diver
Now she on top of my buildin’, she a jump off like she suicidal
Don’t fuck with me, that kung pow come with that combo like Asian food
You a big pussy, bitin’ my style, saber tooth at the way I do
So I’m raging thru, She call me daddy like I picked her up today from school
And she whisper on my mic, Trae The Truth.. she naked too!
I smoke weed like Snoop Dogg, I smoke weed like Snoop Lion
They said I lost my spark.. so I’m comin’ back with some new fire
So motherfuck a spaceghost, I’m so blunt, that’s smokin’ purp
That left hand, suplex fam, don’t get slammed.. spoken word
Uh… lean got me talkin’ in slow mo’ like right now
So suicidal with that fo-fo, no YOLO, I’ll die now….
She ridin’ me like she on tour, that ass clap like encores
So its okay, I could give a fuck like a calm whore on all fours
Uh… I travel by, so bitch suck on my basketballs
They said what you see in yo future, I said good kush and alcohol
I ain’t ever met Molly, but I had encounters with Mary
And that white girl, that’s right girl, she with my crew, no Terry
Got a bad bitch, what a diva, she help me roll that reefer
Smokin’ on that loud, that’s prolly why it call it Keisha
When you go Derez, you be so impressed so you know what they sayin’
I’m Derrick Rose with a bad knee so you know I ain’t playin’
Cus bands a dance make her dance, Nsync, choreograph
So if you ain’t get the message, forward that.. Bitch
Godamn champ, I blam blam, yo bitch lend me a hand damn
She blowin’ on my instrument, this one time at bandcamp
She wake up, I wake up, she already wet, the bitch like it early
Said she want this crazy bone, and I’m finna catch her ridin’ dirty
Uh.. I’m actin’ up, and my parents be lettin’ me
Its the D-E-R-E-Z aka Rezzy B
That faint potion, I ain’t focused, fuck around, I’ll let them fangs goin’
You absurd, got some nurve, you just butthurt, you Frank Ocean
So fuck a lame, you fuckin’ lame, give you motherfuckers space
You so ass and you know that, so don’t get bodied like a butterface
Don’t feel…. so special…. cus you ain’t shit
D-E-R-E-Z, that’s me.. she know what dat name is and that’s Rezzy…


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