See Bochan’s “Rock Star” MV

I’ve never taken any hallucinatory drugs, but I imagine the results would not be too different from this new MV from Bochan. The artist presents her music video to “Rock Star” from Full Monday Moon, filled with trippy imagery, wild splashes of color and enough eccentric style to keep you puzzled yet intrigued. And no, it’s not a rock song.

Executive Producer: Bochan Huy & Ben Mangan
Directors: Yvan Iturriaga & Darren Colsten
Cinematographer: Mecky Creus
Asst. Camera: Alejandro Morales
Production Asst(s): Eduardo Tapia, Gina Holslag, & Eric Mangan
Choreographer: Rebecca Vasile
Dancers: Rebecca Vasile, Laura Lopez-Ayllon, & Nathalie Tedrick
Wardrobe/Stylists: Pina Huy, Bochan Huy, & Kara Uy (Belly Dancers)
Make Up: Lina Peou
Hair Stylists: Kaitrin Sears
Wardrobe/Make Up Asst(s): Sandy Oh, Marjan Mokarram, Linda Ly, Shana Lancaster, & Valeria Alvarado

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