Andrew Huang Debuts the MV for “February”

As February comes to a close, you may think based on the name of his latest video that Andrew Huang has written a track especially for the occasion. You’d be only partially correct as this track was actually released back in February of 2004 – nine years ago. But he’s finally gotten around to filming a music video to the faithful fan’s favorite and announced it’s inclusion on his upcoming album, Lip Bomb. You know you’re doing something right when you track holds up well after nearly a decade!

FEBRUARY is the first rap song Andrew Huang ever put online, in February of 2004. Perpetually a fan favorite, it resurfaced a number of times over the years, and will be finding its final home as the closing track to his upcoming album LIP BOMB.

✶ Filmed and assisted by Ryan Skursky, Derrick Glen, and Jordan Schmidt, on February 24, 2013. Edited by Andrew Huang.

✶ Written, recorded, and produced by Andrew Huang 2003-2004 using FruityLoops3, Acid 4, and a small stack of vinyl.

it’s been a hard week, feeling a similar heartbeat
visiting them in the marquis, illness a villain in all streets
endless dependent on our sweet sentiment, spent
at the start we could argue in small leaks
to part you from imminent intimate insolent impotence
into the dark, i live for the card play
deal with anything real, and cut to the chase
to feel the healer’s grace waste away for later days
we change the face to face the change
and pay the price to sway the life these dates arranged
you’re brave but nice, so play the game
i might have made a mite mistake to my dismay
but i’ve been gray for long enough
and grateful to the up above, no difference does it make
believe it ’cause it’s fake, the feeling of being the fleeing chameleon
dreaming even of stealing what’s realer than demons
to seal the agreement that’s keeping me in reality
seeing these paths move past ’til i’ve passed my chances
hoped you’d be asking me then to spend forever
pretending nothing could sever us and our bretheren, together again
better than friends, never could end, etcetera
sense is telling me hence that every enemy’s headed against
the several levels unsettled to stretch and defend
metal will bend, but my disheveled special’s to meddle with ends
to make them meet, to cater to you and me
this late opportunity’s laid to scrape for unity
to pay for doing these disgraceful paper proofs
when greed outweighs the greater truth
that i was made to wait for you

different’s infinite, living in open emotions and poems
showing up old, losing the heartache, consoled
withering mandate, let’s roll out of the landscape
uphold, following plans made
each and each and every day becoming clearer in the mirror
river running washing the caution off him
offering hot drinks and lozenges
armies still marching forward from offices
torn to the ground, number the pound
under the brown soil another one of the towns
come to me now, come to me now
countries avowed, nothing allowed
jumping around, something’s unsound
running for crown, gunning me down
i’m in a manic amendment condemning me
medical minutes unmade in amenity
maybe the man’ll be mad at me
after he’s happened to catch it’s the passion that’s sending me
better be every enemy’s dream friend
never can justify means, ends are means in themselves
words on the sheets, and sheets in the shelves
she couldn’t tell, wouldn’t or shouldn’t just see for herself and whatever else
i’m under the spell, she casts and catches
actions packed to drag me back
to feeling the feeling that’s bringing me into affinity
lacking sleep and starving, flat’s a piece of garbage
tracks are weak, dishonest, back a week, i’ve lost it
bragging feats of posits, can’t compete with all this
haven’t been to cross the scenes i’ve often dreamed
you call this a part of me, it’s not
just the start of falling off the wrong side of the sky
who held me me up for stars and way too long
but after all, all i wanna do is play you songs and just sleep tight

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