Sam Ock Enters the EDM World with “Peaks” as Kcomas

Folks wouldn’t typically peg Sam Ock as an EDM artist. You know it, he knows it. But if everything were backwards, perhaps he just might – and that’s the cue for the introduction of Kcomas (Sam Ock backwards, get it?). His first piece in the world of EDM is called “Peaks” and it ain’t half bad. It’s not as hard hitting as some of the artists out there, but it’s a pretty good blend of the genre and Sam Ock’s signature style. DL it for free, here.

i am the wretched soul
brought upon by my own undoing
but You help me to know
that i’m not
the point of this life

*Your love is higher than the sky
i’m living for Your name
’cause You are everything
You are the author of my life
i’ll never be the same
i’ll never be ashamed

you break the wretched mold
brought upon by my own admission
and when i’m lost and cold
You are there
and give me new life

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