Check Out Andrew Huang’s “Funk Rags”

In his latest video, Andrew Huang tackles a little funky Hip-Hop with the song “Funk Rags”. Huang goes through a high-level recap of the history of Hip-Hop and then transitions into his own autobiographical story in the 2nd verse. It’s a mildly entertaining watch but it makes for a pretty fun listen. And oh yea, Lip Bomb – March 31st. Don’t forget.

oh, you started up somewhere
you gotta remember

yo, i miss when cats used to rap sorta cheesy
didn’t stress out, we could all take it easy
didn’t shoot glocks, no beefs with tupac
just struttin’ down the street with a crew and a boom box
and played it, breakin’ in the afternoon sun
created fresh sounds out of records that they spullll
and a new movement was begun
no need to get faded, we just do it for the fun,
now the style’s updated
been shaping it a ton while i tape it
and now i feel i might have really made it
but you know it’s never done
an emcee’s work is lifelong
speaking from the heart, making art through tight songs
peace to the peeps who get it twisted – python
look, i just do it for the love!
come on

oh, you started up somewhere
you gotta remember

aww, here’s a little story about a little boy
never very quiet, he was always making noise
tapping on the piano, and playing with his voice
didn’t have drums so he’d be banging on his toys
rhythmic and jittery like all of the time
just 3 years old and he started to rhyme
learned new words and added them to his verse
poor mom and dad never stopped him when he’d rehearse
long car rides sitting in the backseat
getting these rhymes worked out like an athlete
and at the start, well they didn’t sound that sweet
but pre-school freestyles? that’s a mad feat
and it continued, he kept on practicing
rhymed through his whole vocab and back again
everyone kinda thought this kid was strange
well it was obviously me and not too much has changed

oh, you started up somewhere
you gotta remember

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