Watch the Visuals for “Daylight Savings” by Goh Nakamura

“Daylight Savings” is one of my personal favorites from Goh Nakamura‘s musical catalog. This is the 2006 rendition of the track and the clip features footage taken last year while Nakamura was on tour. In case you were wondering, there is an indie film by the same name that serves as the sequel to Surrogate Valentine and stars Goh. The tune, itself, is available for download from Bandcamp.

Recorded in one night, the night before I went on vacation to Japan. (I probably should have been packing) I wrote this tune for my uncle in Japan who passed away way too soon at the age of 50. I never got to say goodbye, so this is my feeble attempt.

The melody is something I use to hum to myself in times of need or when driving past the valleys on 280 south.

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