Jason Chu’s Latest Videos Shows “Much Love”

The man formerly known as Grand Master Chu, Jason Chu, has dropped the music video to the title track off his last album from late last year, Much Love. He’s got an overly syncopated flow on this one, but he takes his raps and puts it to advancing a deeper message per his usual MO. Not bad if you’re looking for something with a little more sustenance from your rap music.

MUCH LOVE is a song about Love – but not Romance.    We’re hurting, broken, needy. We fill that emptiness with work, celebrity, money, toys, clothes, sex, vacations – but really?    We just want to be loved.     We hope this song inspires you to keep looking for love, even when it seems hardest.

Director // Jason Poon
Producer // Marc Liu
AD // Jonathan Pierce
Location Manager // Bonnie Kim
Production Coordinator // Cindy Lu
Steadicam // Matthew Hodges
Crew // Sherrie Li, Nadia Takla
PA // Andrew Mai

Girls // Hallie Lee, Tiffany Liaw, Dana Li
Fight Guys // Elliott Miller, Jon Pierce
Guitar // John Hongen Shen
Casting Line // Michelle Winney, Daniel Thomson,
Mockers // Phil Martin, Bonnie Kim
Street Preacher // Cue Jn’Marie
Fashion Shoot // Ryan Easland, Julia Keplinger, David Elkin, Te-Kai Shang
Photographer // Joshua Chun
Model // Ashley Musick
Walking Model // Natasha Emerson
Biker // Chris Brinlee, Jr.

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