Just ‘Cause: Anna Kendrick Joins KPOP Group f(x) for Funny Or Die Skit

This is one of those videos you’re either going to find very entertaining, or completely non-sensical. KPOP fans and Anna Kendrick fans can finally intersect with this new Funny or Die skit where the actress/singer joins SM Entertainment’s f(x). Unfortunately for yours truly, I’m not really an avid listener of f(x) or too familiar with Anna Kendrick’s work. The last time I saw Anna in a film was her bit part in Scott Pilgrim vs The World. No, I haven’t seen Pitch Perfect, so don’t ask. Regardless, this is your humorous video of the week in case you haven’t come across it yet. Head over to FunnyOrDie to see it. Thanks to reader JC for sending this our way!

Why? Just’ Cause.

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