Andrew Huang Drops the ‘Lip Bomb’ Album

The past few months have been heavy on the promotion of singles from the Andrew Huang project known as Lip Bomb. Today, that album finally made it’s debut, weighing in at a hefty 22 tracks. We’ve already heard many of them before but with such a lengthy tracklist, there are plenty of new songs to discover – such as “Dive”, for which you can view the video below. Check out the full album description after the break and pick it up via the options below!

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Andrew Huang’s new rap album Lip Bomb is a tour-de-force in lyricism and production, showcasing Andrew’s notorious musical diversity even within the confines of a single genre.

The beats range from party-ready electro numbers to moody, vinyl-sampling slow burners to dubstep- and funk-influenced tracks – not at the same time, mind you, but don’t think he might not try it in the future. Baskets and Rock Paper Scissors are also notable for having been built out of samples of basketballs and – you guessed it – rocks, paper and scissors.

Lyrically he’s also all over the map, at different times delivering some of his funnest, or deepest, or strangest, or fastest raps to date. Songs like Suits and Takeoff harp on the current state of the music industry, while Black Lurch and Sand Shifter exhibit Andrew’s trademark introspective surrealism, and Vass Tunga – that’s Swedish for “sharp tongue” – finds him jumping between 5 different languages in a single, mind-blowing rap.

With guest appearances from BoyinabandDan BullSide Pony NationThe Legendary Shots and Paul Chin, there is never a dull moment on Lip Bomb.

February – the first rap song Andrew ever put online and one of the biggest fan favorites – turns 9 years old in 2013 and is included as a bonus track.

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