Worst Ever: Gizmodo Renames Jason Yang to Jason Wang


OK, to be fair, this really isn’t that big a deal. It’s likely the result of a typo of a blogger rushing to get a post up as Game of Thrones is set to air… but I have to admit I was mildly amused at the error. Lily Newman wrote a post on Gizmodo today featuring Jason Yang and his amazing Game of Thrones theme cover, but decided to give him a name change and call him Wang. We get it, mistakes happen, no judgement – it’s just an unfortunate mishap for Jason. I mean, his name is in the friggn Youtube channel (JasonYangViolin)After all, Madonna’s folks got his name right enough to be able to contact him and bring him on tour, that’s gotta count for something right? I imagine Giz will make the correction shortly.

Anyway, it’s been ages since we’ve had a Worst Ever feature – so this’ll have to do for now.

[update] They’ve made the corrections

One thought on “Worst Ever: Gizmodo Renames Jason Yang to Jason Wang

  1. lol i guess those techies @ GIZMODO ain’t too smart !!! Jason is great ,i did get to see &hang with him last month when HBO had him up at the game of thrones release in NYC ,that event was mad dope ,but it was mad cold out there Jason performed 2 full sets outside 14th st

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