Tyga Leaks “Hit Em Up” Featuring Jadakiss & Tupac

After seeing Tyga‘s tracklist for his upcoming Hotel California, the biggest question I had was in regards to the track “Hit Em Up”. For one, the track shares it’s namesake with the classic dis record by Tupac, and secondly Pac himself is listed as a featuring artist. So did Young Money dish out the moolah for an unreleased posthumous verse? The answer is sort of, but not quiet. Tyga essentially samples an assortment of 2Pac tracks and stitches lines and bars together, at times interjecting his own vocals, to make a single complete verse. Tyga drops a verse of his own along with veteran Jadakiss. The end result is intriguing and pulled off fairly well but in no way outshines Tupac’s first “Hit Em Up”.

Download the official leak for free, here.

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