Members of Quest Crew Participates in MV for “Fine China” by Chris Brown

R&B crooner, Chris Brown, has dropped a new music video for his song “Fine China”, and it’s already caused a polarizing response from the community. His usage of Asians in stereotypical-martial-arts-triad roles wasn’t particularly well received by some folks, such as Angry Asian Man. But interesting enough, I discovered that some notable Asian-American dancers, including folks from Quest Crew, were involved with the video. Quest’s Hok can be seen in the fight scene while Steve had a hand in some of the choreo work.

So I guess it’s a question of, does your support of the individual dancers supercede the perpetuation of shallow, pigeon-hole stereotypes for Asians? I’ll let you make that call.

You can read Hok’s account of the making of the video, here.

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