Jason Chen is “Still In Love” With a New MV

It’s only been a few days since the release of Jason Chen‘s new album, Never for Nothing. The next song to get some promotion is “Still in Love”, which stars dancer Julie Zhan in the role of the leading lady (you may recognize her from The Last Resort with David So). The song was written in conjunction with Travis Graham (of New Heights), and the video was directed by the talented Ross Ching.

Executive Producer: Jason Chen
Director: Ross Ching
Producer: Don Le
Editor/Visual Effects: David Adametz
Actress: Julie Zhan
Director of Photography: Nate Fu
1st AC / Camera Operator: Martin Gradek
Hair & Makeup: Amy Cooper
Record Label Owners: Eric Modyman, Michael Twombley
Paparazzi: Julie Raelyn, Joshua Young, DeMarco Dunnigan, Eric Modyman, Don Le
Special Thanks: Jon Chang, Junction Studios, Mykie Milford

Written by Jason Chen, Travis Graham
Produced by Travis Graham
Mixed/Mastered by Travis Graham, Greg Glaser

[Verse 1]
I feel the same way
That you did about me yesterday
Promised you’d never leave me alone
The castles that we made
Were swept by the tide and washed away
And now the sunsets have all gone

Now time is moving, faster than before
And now we cant even seem to find the shore

Cause baby I know that you still love me
And baby know that I love you too
So tell me why cant we make it better
Cause all that I know is found in you
I’m missing your love, your face,
All of our past, don’t let it erase
I know that you still feel the way I do
Because I’m still in love with you

[Verse 2]
I wanted to move on
But unlike you, I’m not that strong
And now our day in the sun has set
We walked side by side
Leaving footprints in the sand
now only my footsteps remain
(When the tide rolls in)

If I had just one more life
If I had just one more day
You would be my whole world
Be the only one I adore and
The next time, I hold you close
I won’t hesitate no more
Cause baby this time
We’re gonna fly high
And I will never let you go


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