DANakaDAN Makes a Comeback with “Red (Die Another Day)”

You can color me intrigued (see what I did there?) with “Red (Die Another Day)” by DANakaDAN, the rapper perhaps best known for his work as the frontman of afterschoolspecial. Here he is with the official theme song for a novel called Red by EJ Koh. We’ve got a music video coming out soon so stay tuned, because we’ll let you know once that unveiled. In the mean time enjoy this Youtube stream which could be one of Dan’s stronger material to be released.

Track by Peter Rocks
Inspired by E.J. Koh’s Novel, RED. Official Theme.
More on Book: http://www.redthenovel.com/

RED (Die Another Day) is the official theme for E.J. Koh’s Novel, RED. When she asked me to write a theme to a book…I was a little confused, because do books have theme songs? But then i dug deeper…and read a bit more..and was very inspired by what I read and what she told me.

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