Blush Provides Vocal Samples for G Koop & O-man

Bay Area musicians, G Koop & O-man have been posting up beat-making and musical creation docu-shorts on Youtube. Their 46th such episode features someone near and dear to our musical hearts, the girls of Blush. Here you can see how they jumped in the studio and provided the foundation for a track also featuring Willie Joe & Markese with the rap vocals. Pretty cool.

G Koop & O-man is a unique beatmaking play-by-play documentary series in which Bay Area musicians G Koop (Rob Mandell) and O-man (Graham Richards) create new music from scratch and videotape the process. Each episode reveals the creative steps taken to record the finished product and then features an artist performing on the final track.

This is episode 46 featuring pan-Asian supergroup Blush, rappers Willie Joe & Markese

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