Lyricks Lives Up to His Name in a “Gunfight With DZA”

We’ve officially been silent for a week, and after our brief hiatus, we are pleased to comeback with this post about Lyricks. This is exactly the type of drop that shows why Ly is most likely to outrap your favorite rapper – tallying up MC battle kills over Youtube view counts. I guess when you tour with the Wu, you better stay on top of your game, huh?

Oh and video work comes courtesy of Furis. He’s nice behind the cam but I wonder if he’s ever gonna pick up a mic again?

i’m 20 something and i rock timbalands boots with black sweats on,
with xxls at the local h mart with salted shrimped
and shin noodles and kimchi in my left arm getting madd extra ignant wit it,
kinda like saying madd extra
or wearing a bandana under a fitted,
like my man yoo seung joon did it, looking dumb,
but the style’s the shiddit (kp)

bumping finkl in his civic, yea i did it i admit it,
i laughed at myself cuz its freakin ridiculous,
but to be honest all of the cuter korean chicks,
they loved all these dumb thangs,
it made my brothers start growing out all their front bangs,
and taking sticker pictures and e. staying up for 3 days of
dancing on the ddr to H.O.T. with gold nokias
and coding on their green pagers, i guess thats that ‘teen phase’,
i never been a part of, i was brought up on that mobb deep,
cormega queensbridge…. you know, that nas shit.

halftime represent that onyx freddie fox shit,
drum beat became the teacher, i became the prospect.
never from the projects, i true to myself,
i never claimed to be what i’m not so my music is felt
i spit what is real, raw: before the mics getting leveled
then in my dreams, im havin gun fights with demons and devils
i saw the man with dark red eyes, with a vague smell,
standing in front of a black S5, with a snakes tail,
had a ratchet on his belt, a bloody hammer rusty nail,
didn’t bail, bust a shell at his grill, like holy! demon go to hell!,

i opened fired, it was quick tho, he’s laughing with a slit throat,
thick gelatinous matter, splattered all over the brimstone.
i woke up…

One thought on “Lyricks Lives Up to His Name in a “Gunfight With DZA”

  1. this was so dope , both the MV as well as seeing this video get shot by furis ! was with them when this was shot

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