Paul Kim Goes Batsh*t Crazy on “You Had Your Chance”

You Had Your Chance” ain’t a new song. Mr. Paul Kim leaked the joint back in 2011 and despite it’s soulful and emotional vibe, it quickly faded into obscurity – lost in depths of the ever growing web of social networks. But it’s back, and with a vengeance. With the help of D. Fisher & E. Park, PK had the opportunity to go a little nuts and show a vengeful, darker side to his music. Chainsaw, baseball bats, and broken glass galore. Oh, and he kept his 24-pack abs covered up for this one – so that’s a nice change of pace too.

Purchase: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes

Visuals conceptualized, directed and edited by Daniel Fisher:
Instagram: @fishyfighter

Co-editor and color correction by Edward Park
Instagram: @edparkvp

Video produced by Danielle Lee
Instagram: @danielleslee

Co-produced by Nina Nguyen

Ist AD and 2nd camera by Tommy Trinh
Instagram: @tomttrinh

Female lead: Autumn Adele

PA: Daniel Ban and John So

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