Sam Ock’s “Every Moment” Is Your Inspiring Song of the Day

We all need some encouragement sometimes – perhaps even an attitude adjustment or perspective check. Sam Ock offers some of that with his new single, “Every Moment”. There’s even an inspirational MV to match! Of course, for those that know Sam, he’s very vocal of his Faith and it plays a large role in the message that he presents with his music. I imagine this will speak to many of you and I hope you come away as encouraged and blessed as I did. AMP‘s resident crooner can still handle things on the solo tip just fine.

Purchase: Amazon, Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes

Verse 1:
see, my heart is on fire
for all of my hope is slipping through these cracks
of all my sin…
i know that You know these things
this journey’s taking all the strength i have..

but You would (take me in/pick me up) again
this fallen, beaten, state i’m in
(with/in) You i know that i have everything
and i wonder

will it be today, or maybe tomorrow
that i find my strength in You?
for the road is long with sunshine and sorrow
but still i cherish every moment with You!

yes i do! (right here,) when i’m with You!

Verse 2:
see, i’m weary, i’m tired
but You give me peace of mind through all my days
and all my nights
i know that You’re guiding me
so every doubt i have will fade away


there is no better place
of love and amazing grace
no more tears or pain
’til then i will never cease to pray!


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