Jeremy Passion, Jesse Barrera & Ryan Mitchell Grey Promote New Singles with Lyric Videos

Lyric videos have often been the easy way out for an artist to promote a new song or single. In the past, folks have often been content with some simple album art along with the lyrics thrown up in time. But things have evolved quite a bit over the past couple years; and Passion and Jesse Barrera’s new vids are prime examples of how to do a lyric video right using kinetic typography to spice things up. Of course, they aren’t the first to do this, but this type of medium of KT over live footage is a great way to keep us engaged. Oh, and in case you’re looking something for a little more traditional, RMG also has a simpler video for his song. The typography may not be dynamic but the aesthetics and use of simple footage goes a long way too.

Jeremy Passion – “Suddenly”

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Jesse Barrera – “The Highest Tides”

Ryan Mitchell Grey – “Canyon”


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