Gerald Ko Once Again Makes Us Question Why He Doesn’t Release More Original Material

Gerald Ko is best known for his rich acoustic covers on Youtube under the Singindork888 alias, but to this day I can’t help but wonder why he hasn’t branched out with more of his own original material! G. Ko latest music video, “Even the Raindrops (Love)”, is a prime example of what this artist is capable of. His gentle voice and knack for the six string brings forth a pleasant ballad that’s perfect for a quiet evening with the significant other. Tell me I’m wrong.

Purchase: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes

I remember you gazing down
I remember you didn’t say much
I remember all around town
I remember feeling our shoulders touch
I remember
Falling in Love x3
with you
I remember you telling me
all about the other ones
all I ever wanted to be
I was hoping I was someone else
I remember
Falling in love x3
with you
even the raindrops were dancing on rooftops
even the streetlights were shining for your eyes
falling in love x3
with you
I remember feeling so lost
i remember feeling so afraid
i remember fighting for a cause
i remember waiting to hear you say
i remember
falling in love x3
with you

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