TOKiMONSTA Continues To Straddle The Line Between Cool & Trippy With the Interactive Video for “Clean Slate”


It’s not often we get to share a music video that you can not only watch and listen, but experience as well. TOKiMONSTA isn’t now nor has she ever been a conventional artist – and that can be applied to all mediums of expression. The MV for “Clean Slate”, off Half Shadows and featuring Gavin Turkek, just may be the most interesting project we’ve come across in a while. By itself, it’s a slightly abstract video with quirky, 70’s era European-style animation. But through the magic of the interwebz you can interact with it as a digital stickerbook, manipulating a large cast of monsters and creatures that move with the beat. And you know what? It’s oddly and undeniably intriguing. It’s as like watching an episode of Reading Rainbow on acid.

Head on over to the website to experience the video!



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