Here Are Six Artists Aiming to Make a Comeback in 2013

Not every artist has the time nor resources to drop a new single or video every month, let alone every week like some other artists do. We get it. And sometimes a fair amount of time will pass between promotional releases, for various reasons. But not many artists can stay away from the scene for too long, as they slowly but surely prepare to claw their way back into the public consciousness. Here are six artists that have earmarked 2013 as a milestone for a comeback. Four have introduced new singles while two are promoting older work with new videos. Either way, here’s to hoping that they each make the most of the latter half of this year.

  1. Shogunna – “Life” ft Grace Ikenasio

    We liked the single when we first heard it, and the Furis directed MV makes us enjoy it that much more.
  2. Sophia Moon – “Real Thing”

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    S. Moon switches gears from her previous dance/pop to more of a singer/songwriter vibe, and it seems to be a move in the right direction.

  3. Jae Jin – “Sidelines” ft Dale Kim

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    A smooth song from two strong acoustic soul vocalists marred only by the slightly muddy mixing.
  4. Mike B – “Worldwide”

    A strong return from one of the more underrated artists we cover.
  5. Zee Avi – “31 Days” (from 2011’s ghostbird)

    This was one of my favorite tracks from the album. The video isn’t groundbreaking but it serves its purpose.
  6. Cynthia Lin – “Microscope” (from 2010’s Microscope)

    The tune may be 3 years old, but the artsy monochrome video does a fair job of reviving it.

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