5 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang, the artist who used to heavily market himself as Songs To Wear Pants To, is something of a musical swiss army knife. He’ll dabble in nearly any genre, in any style, and often in various languages. And that’s exactly why we think he’s an artist you should check out. Here are 5 reasons to support that claim, and if you want to bring it back to something more ordinary, he’s got a new Pop EP out too.

  1. He raps in 5 languages
  2. He’ll mash up Drum ‘n Bass & Jazz
  3. He’ll mash up Chiptune & Dubstep
  4. He writes 26-genre songs, in alphabetical order.
  5. And of course he does Pop. Check his new EP album, Youth Mouth.

    Purchase: Amazon, Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify

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