Mini Reviews of Music Videos You May Have Missed From Last Week – 7/14/13

Another week has flown by and we find our selves in the 2nd half of July. As Summer continues to speed by and the days gradually get a little bit shorter, there is thankfully no shortage of new music to keep us occupied. Here are a handful+ of new music videos that dropped last week that you we haven’t covered yet. Oh, and I’ve included my immediate opinions on them as well.

Inch Chua – “Artful Dodger”

It’s abstract and a bit loopy, but I enjoyed this one. The creative (yet a bit absurd) flair helps make this video standout. This is where WTF & entertaining intersect.

Mitchell Grey – “Inamorata”

The projector video has been done before, but it’s still used fairly well here. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but it’s a good match for the song.

Goni x Andrew Ha – “Single

An enjoyable R&B/Hip-Hop joint. It’s an easy listen though the hook is overly simplistic. The song is stronger than the video which comes off more like a video production class project. It needs just a little more polish and direction.

Derez – “Vulnerable”

A strong drop from Derez. Video is simple but decent – could use more effective lighting though. The artist formerly known as City Boy is at his strongest when he spits more emotional material.

Adrian Per x Mike-Dash-E – “Riche$

AP & MDE have proven to be a strong team in the past, and they continue to make radio-friendly music from the bay. But both the song and video are typical and fail to differentiate themselves.

New Heights – “Time” (Live Version)

NH definitely likes to churn out these studio performance renditions of their 2yo album, Something to Believe In. They’re always well produced but never stray too far from the original album material. I’m just waiting for some new music!

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