New Heights Gives You ‘Something to Believe In’

The day has finally come for the official release of New Heights‘ new album – Something to Believe In. The Seattle group has dropped a 10 track LP with a fair number of features including Brian Joo on “Nightmare”, Jennifer Chung, Clara C on “Take Me On”, and some raps courtesy of Gowe x Decipher. I’m listening to it as we speak and can already vouch that it’s a pretty dope release thus far. You have some purchasing options, so choose your own adventure below.

Purchase: iTunes, AmazonMP3, Online Store


  1. Something to Believe In
  2. Nightmare (feat. Brian Joo)
  3. Gonna Love You (feat. Jennifer Chung)
  4. Take Me On (feat. Clara C)
  5. Chasing Down the Sun
  6. Someday
  7. Closer (feat. Natalie Taylor)
  8. Tell Me It’s Real
  9. Time
  10. My City (feat. Gowe + Decipher)

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