Check Out Kina Grannis’ Hip-Hop Dance Moves!

ISATV has a segment called “Step by Step” where they go through dance moves with a number of talented dancers. Well it’s been a lot to keep up with so we haven’t given it much coverage but we thought this particular episode was definitely worth sharing. Phil of WongFu teaches Kina Grannis a few Hippity Hoppity steps set to the Paul Dateh remix of her song, “Valentine“. And you know what? The folk-pop singer ain’t too bad on the dance floor after all.

“What is the protocol on draw strings?” – Kina Grannis

Even though it’s been a few months off, we wanted to do a proper send season finale for “Step by Step.” If you’ve never seen Kina Grannis dance yet, you’re in for a treat! Phil teaches Kina a special routine to her own song , “Valentine” (Paul Dateh Remix).

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