The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Review Round-Up – 7/17/13

The first half of this week has been a bit busy with the music video releases. Here are some of the ones that have dropped in just the past couple days and my unnecessary instant reactions to them. Feel free to ignore the commentary all together =).

AJ Rafael – “Jetsetter”

Ross Ching videos always look great – this is no different. AJ goes with a new sound for this new cut off the Beautiful Escape EP. Piano driven rock, airplanes, great production values, an attractive female lead… what’s not to like?

Jargon x Maribelle Anes – “Murder It”

Jargon continues to promote tracks from his newly released Price of Fame mixtape. Great beat and an overall decent match of artists, though the video is the perfect example of the state of internet collaborations. People can team up internationally, but there’s a disconnect as evidenced by the stark difference in video quality between the two’s scenes.

Arden Cho – “With You”

This is the latest track off AC’s My True Happy to get a music video. For something that was shot and put together quickly, it’s not that bad. But don’t expect anything too exciting. Best way to sum up song and video is “pretty”. Not amazing, but pretty.

Jessi Malay – “Bougie”

Still not a fan of the song; mainly cause it required little use of Jessi Malay’s vocal talent. It’s a mindless Radio/Club pop single that has gotten some airplay. The music video is well produced though and shows off JM’s dance skills and other… ahem… assets.

Big Will – “All Black”

Can’t say I’m a fan of this cut off Cry Now Laugh Later. Feels half-baked all the way around. Pulling out a rented/borrowed Lambo out of your average suburban garage in your music video doesn’t exactly scream authentic either. Trite.

Tommy C – “Heart of a Lion”

In his intent to be inspirational and encouraging, Tommy’s released a somewhat corny song. The heart’s there though and I agree with the message he’s trying to promote. Only I’m not entirely sure scenes of him singing from a beautiful tropical location juxtaposed against footage of real-world tribulations is the most empathetic way to get one’s point across.

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