6 Songs Released in July That You Should Check Out

Every week brings us new music and singles from artists across all genres. Some are noteworthy and some are forgetable or just plain bad all together. The past month has been no exception but I wanted to take a few moments to highlight some of the better music to grace our ears recently. Plus I throw in my two cents as to what makes the track worthy of a listen… or perhaps a purchase if you’ve got a few bucks to spare.

J. Han – “On We Go”

It would seem that J. Han is starting to find the most comfortable sound for him, blending the gentler side of Indie-Hip-Hop with the Gospel-lite Pop musical direction of his group AMP. This middle ground has J sounding the most natural we’ve heard in some time with the song “On We Go”, making for a fine new single for the Faith/Inspirational rapper to promote.

Purchase: Amazon, Bandcamp, iTunes

Mike Isberto – “I Can’t Sleep”

By now, you should know what to except from Mike Isberto – good ol’ unadulterated Acoustic Pop. He’s like a male Colbie Caillat and continues this smooth sound with his new single “I Can’t Sleep”. This is the first cut off his next album, More in Love, which is due next week. We’ll have a full review of the EP up in the near future but for now, enjoy this new tune (although the accompanying lyric video isn’t nearly as impressive).

Baiyu – “Fire”

It’s dawned on me that we don’t have many opportunities to cover moody R&B on this site. Now, I don’t mean emotional, but moody… as in R&B with a touch of angst. Baiyu’s latest, “Fire”, fills that niche void in the a-Tunes soundscape… and I gotta say I kinda dig it. This slightly darker sound is a decently good fit for Baiyu.

AM Kidd – “Better Strangers”

OK. I’ve heard several folks express their opinion that many of AM Kidd’s sound the same. I can’t say I completely disagree but I’ve found what helps some tracks from his catalog stand out more from the others is the nuances of the delivery and lyrics. He has a knack for crafting relateable music, and this typically shines through when things aren’t overproduced. Such is the case with this performance of “Better Strangers”

Mike-Dash-E – “Helpless”

Being that I’m not from the California Bay Area, I can’t say I’m always a fan of MDE’s releases. But the guy’s got crossover appeal and of his two recently released singles, I’m definitely feeling “Helpless” the most. The song features ST Spittin and explores some of the darker aspects of trying to get through life via the hustle and grind. This one has great beat selection and energy from both MCs.

Jhene Aiko Features on “Beware” by Big Sean x Lil Wayne

We can’t fully count this as an a-Tunes release but we’re including it on account of the guest feature by Jhene Aiko. The girl consistently adds just the right touch of femininity to a song and has done so again with her hook on this Big Sean joint. Lil Wayne closes out the song but if you ask me it’s JA’s vocals that helped hold the collaboration together smoothly, as minor a contribution as it may be.

Purchase: AmazonGoogle PlayiTunes

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