You’ll Never Guess Which Rapper Features on Heejun Han’s Upcoming Debut Single


First things first, lets get the previously known facts out of the way.

  1. Heejun Han had a (somewhat surprisingly) mildly successful run on American Idol a couple seasons back
  2. He was known just as much for his quirky personality as his vocal talent
  3. We’ve seen him do a few cover collabarations here and there with other a-Tunes artists

Now let’s move onto the new information that we learned.

  1. It took some time but after his Idol career, Heejun shopped himself to a few labels and ultimately signed with Polaris
  2. Polaris and Heejun plan to announce his debut single,” Bring the Love Back” in both the US & Korean markets
  3. They wanted a rapper on the track and were able to secure a feature from former Clipse member, Pusha T (whoa)
  4. A music video was shot for the song and there are plans to release a 4-song EP as well

So there you have it. Heejun Han is gonna make his big debut on a song featuring Pusha-T. Check out the BTS footage below.

Oh, here are a few choice quotes from Mr. Han:

“I love Pusha T. I’ve been a big fan of him since he was in a group called Clipse in New York. That was the anthem back in my day when I was in high school. Every day and every night they would play that song. Back then, I didn’t even speak English and I liked that song. We reached out to him and he said he would do it. He’s been really supportive and cooperative. It’s an honor to have him on the track and here on the set.”

“I eat Korean food every day. Trust me, I can’t eat non-Korean food. Deep down inside, I’m most Korean in this Korean world. But I am not a K-Pop singer. I’m an American. I’m an artist who also happens to be Korean.”

Source: MJBB

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