The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 8/7/13

D-Pryde – “Faded”

Prizzy offers a sharp lookin’ video for his Canal & Richvale single. It plays to his personal story well. Pretty dope.

Mree – “Into the Well”

The video is just like it’s accompanying single – a surreal and enjoyable journey through a dream-like state. This is off her recently released Winterwell project.

Andrew Huang – “Electra”

Huang’s videos are always visually engaging, and this remains true. The song is fun thought not quite as strong on it’s own.

Akademikz – “Hell of a Life”

An introspective song & video. Production values are a bit uneven and there’s some overacting but overall it’s an above average listen/watch.

Boombox Saints – “Choreographer”

BBS shares a well edited but shallow video for this For The Moment cut. If only they used the strong production values on a fresher concept.

Dia Frampton – “How to Say Goodbye (Live)”

Not so much a full MV as it is a studio sesh, but it’s a good sounding Folk/Pop/Country song, plus Dia is always a sight for sore eyes.

J-Reyez – “Turn It Up”

Turn It Up is better to watch than listen to. It’s your standard braggadocios Hip-Hop fare without remarkably witty lyrics. But the video has some nice shots of the city & looks great.

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