5 Recent Songs That Are Perfect to Wind Down Your Evening With

This particular hump day, I found myself relaxing after dinner with a cup of peach green tea, perusing the latest issue of KoreAm magazine and listening to music. Sure, I sound like a middle aged housewife that just wants some “me time” but whatever, don’t judge. Anyway, I digress. To help you guys come to a calm state of mind before bedtime, I’ve put together the following list of recently released/revealed songs that are perfect for a nice, chill evening. We’ve ordered it by tempo, as things progressively gets slower.

Manny Garcia – “Coming Back to You”

Manny doing what Manny does best; crooning to Acoustic Pop with a touch of Jazz.

Melissa Polinar – “Happy”
A bit upbeat but I guarantee it lives up to it’s name and will put you in a better place before you lay your head down to sleep.
Purchase: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes

AJ Rafael x Lana McKissack – “I’m Sorry (Cage Match)”

The 2nd installment of AJ Rafael’s MusicLab series. They go theater/dramatic with a twist.

Kristine Sa – “God on the Radio”
This one isn’t a new song per se, but its heard for the first time by many. It’s an unreleased song that was cut form Hopeless Romantic and a great one at that.

Kina Grannis x Imaginary Friend – “I Knew This Would Be Love”

A re-arranged track by Imaginary friend that is as peaceful as it is beautiful.
Purchase: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify

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