Just’ Cause: Kenichi Ebina Becomes a Real Life Video Game Hero on America’s Got Talent

Remember Kenichi Ebina? We featured him in June for his surprise hit audition performance for American’s Got Talent. He performed a “dance-ish” routine that mixed martial arts, rhythm, and acrobatic stunts to deliver something we’ve never really seen before. So what became of Mr. Ebina? Well he continued to advance and performed in the next round with this jaw-dropping visual piece. By combining his unique skill set with some graphic animation & wizardry, he became a live-action video game character and drew out even more praises from the judges.

Howie Mandell had stated “I’ve never done this before in four years on this show, but I’m begging you, Kenichi has to win the million dollars…. It’s the best act I’ve ever seen.”

And even Howard Stern had enthusiastic words to share, saying “The word genius is a word we don’t want to throw around too often. My fellow judges give standing ovations like it’s nothing. When I get on my feet it means something. I gave you a standing ovation because it’s genius, genius, genius.”

Long story short? Well, I’ll let you read it from Mr. Ebina himself:

Thank you very much for all of you watched, cheered and voted for me! I made it through to semi-final So I guess I’m coming back to NYC soon, but don’t know exactly when yet, but I’ll post when I got schedule for next!


See you in the semi-finals, Kenichi!

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